Monday, October 15, 2012

Long awaited Extra updates

Few things:


Great support from Otakuthon and Comiccon MTL, thanks to everyone that came and supported the comic during and after the convention, ill be waiting the feedback on Disc 3!

Whats new: 

  • Doing tattoo sketch commissions for a local artist
  • Doing A few more VG parody comics before crunch time on Disc 4
  • Revamping the website during the week (smoother page flow.)

I would also like to give my thanks to : 

*Girls On Games for their epic presence at ComicCon MTL 2012  :
 * MOAV - Memories of a Vagabon Production team for such an epic project:
* Gaming Nation for their quick timed updates:

Future plans:

  • Website interface change
  • Extrastage Fan appreciation month work upload
  • Closing Extrastage disc 2 posts.
  • Extra Vlog return + live stream sessions.
  • End october - Beginning November : Regular updates for Disc 3. 
  • Unknown: Prototype sprite sheets.

Thank you all for your patience, lets rock and Roll ! 

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