Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last appreciation sketches

1.Well, even more Extrastage appreciation sketches before the month ends and this time we got Agent Hans!

2.Oh is this Olivier Bourque’s shadow buying my comics ?! Quick, someone use their persona to suppress it !

3. Thanks to everyone supporting this project while adding their input and feedback.

Whoever hasnt been drawn, dont feel bad, you matter too ! And questions to the cast can always be asked on the tumblr page : and will be answered once a good amount is gathered.

Thanks again everyone !

Ex notes:

Ok i think i noticed something about my tools -

1. Ebony pencil is smooth as hell, great for finishing work and adding strong lines but potentially disastrous for gesture as it may flow too freely on the ingram bon paper while instantly putting a dark tone, not really good for the way i build up forms from the gesture through constant pass overs. Might try to do bigger gestures with it but i doubt it’ll change a thing.

2. Blue col erase on fabriano small sketch book seems to give me wonders for shading, it works well with this type of low end sketch book (the other brand feels as if it has a better texture.)

3. Brushpen inking on both bristol and ingram bond papers feel much better than the fabriano sk book. Bristol might remain the top tier option for inking as i dont get any line dispatch/weakening when inking. Still interested by the Kuretake brush pen but dont have the funds yet.

Double Ex notes:

Half of Disc 4 has been tumbnailed, starting to work on the pages while the idea is still fresh in-head.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More appreciation sketches !

Woah, nearly came in late, even more appreciation sketchs, this time its Mr Brin, making sure you all know, your actions are part of his kekakou !

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

ExtraStage Fan appreciation token

Argh im a bit late in posting theses but As a super random surprise event- I declare this month:

 Fan Appreciation month

Soooooooooooooo, ill be randomly picking people from DA favorites to Facebook page members and drawing them or their characters each week.

Trying to aim between 1-2 drawings a week, starting NOW !

Here's Joshua Kingley - 's Character

Facebook page:

And continuing  Fan appreciation month here's a sketch of DA Stellarness
 Its a tad bit tougher to work on theses due to the tattoo commissions butting in but gotta keep trying to squeeze at least one per week

Monday, October 15, 2012

Long awaited Extra updates

Few things:


Great support from Otakuthon and Comiccon MTL, thanks to everyone that came and supported the comic during and after the convention, ill be waiting the feedback on Disc 3!

Whats new: 

  • Doing tattoo sketch commissions for a local artist
  • Doing A few more VG parody comics before crunch time on Disc 4
  • Revamping the website during the week (smoother page flow.)

I would also like to give my thanks to : 

*Girls On Games for their epic presence at ComicCon MTL 2012  :
 * MOAV - Memories of a Vagabon Production team for such an epic project:
* Gaming Nation for their quick timed updates:

Future plans:

  • Website interface change
  • Extrastage Fan appreciation month work upload
  • Closing Extrastage disc 2 posts.
  • Extra Vlog return + live stream sessions.
  • End october - Beginning November : Regular updates for Disc 3. 
  • Unknown: Prototype sprite sheets.

Thank you all for your patience, lets rock and Roll !